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UPDATE (version
I updated the game with a few subtle changes. While the changes do just amount to being a few touch ups, they are implemented to improve the overall experience. I'm seriously very sorry that these touch ups weren't originally included until now.

This update isn’t as big as the last, but it does have some notable changes that are listed below. (For users of this game who are 18 years of age or older who wish to play this version of the game uncensored, please do right click this link, save it, and follow the instructions in the downloaded text file.)

- Major changes to nearly all of the plot, dialogue, story-related material, etc.
- Tweaks to all flamethrower and bullet-based patrol drones’ AI
- Minor tweaks to player character’s platfoming abilities
- Minor tweaks to most of the supernatural enemies’ AI
- Tweaks to some of the background tilesets
- A few changes to the soundtrack
- Minor changes to a few sprites
- Addition of a CG gallery
- Added a simplified log function for the kinetic novel portions

Since I really feel like I should try to leave some kind of explanation in this post for some of the changes that I made in this update, such as the mature content resulting from the changes to the story, I tried to make it as easy of a read as I could because I don’t want to get more incredibly ridiculous about it than I already did.

As a result of all of the changes I made to this game in this update, I made this game into a yuri-themed, side-scrolling platformer and visual novel mixture. One of my goals with this sort of game is to tell an openly-sexual, abstract love story between two girls where the focus of its sexual aspects is directed towards expressing the game’s cynical and abstract themes, as portrayed by the game’s main characters, rather than just purely taking up the challenge of sexually exciting the player with my game. Portraying Fumika’s perspective during the course of the game as she experiences its events and Ayumi’s eccentric behavior that drives them also became important aspects of it.

Furthermore, one of my most important reasons for wanting to make it like a cinematic platformer was that I originally wanted to try to simulate a date event, similar to those of romance visual novels, as a side-scrolling platformer to try to tell an abstract love story. Because of how most of the visual novels I’ve played featured a protagonist without any super-human abilities, the player character only has the slightly over-exaggerated abilities of a traceur and martial artist, essentially making it out to play more like a cinematic platformer.

While this update does follow the aforementioned date event concept, the previously released builds dropped the concept because the difficulty I had with writing it the way I wanted to. A lot of progress was already made before those previous builds dropped the date event concept, though, so those builds ended up with stories that the game wasn't originally built around. For this update, I brought back the romance story, but reworked it into something that I had less difficulty with while sticking to what this game was originally built around.

Sometime before this update, but after the previous update, I started to realize that I really did need to make changes to this game so that it stays consistent with my current project, additional to still just feeling like I needed to make some further changes to this game for a better experience. A lot of what I was coming up with for my current project influenced me to come up with the changes that I needed to make to this game so that it would be more consistent with my current project, on top of it essentially becoming the game that I originally designed this one to be.

From all of that, this update made this game become what it was originally designed to be before the changes that made it what it was when it was released (and through version 1.8 as well). Again, I really do apologize for not having this version being the released one, so I really am hoping that this update does make this game a genuinely better experience.

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